The Amphibian plane’s production idea was born in 2004 in Hungary. It was the idea of Varga Zoltán, an engineer which already possessed big recognition in the field of ship, water bike and other water transportation production. For this airplane the company called out for well known airplane engineers and investing companies for the bold plan of the company by which the dream has come true. The HydroPteron the two life wonder was born.

By the IDEAirCraft Co. produced special aircraft is suitable for air and water takeoff and landing..
In the Amphibian two free time activities join cruising on the water and flying. The water aircraft can be used as a sport or a work equipment. It provides that the flying experience is joined with our passion for fishing and swimming or exploring hard accessible rivers and lakes. Water flight is the safest of all flying methods. The pilot never disturbs airport big traffic and the takeoff and landing is less disturbed.

Developed by the company Amphibian type airplane is made out of the most modern composit epoxi-carbon. With this we can provide the hardness with minimal weight for water flying.
The plane will be produced as 2 or 3 person plane. Will be a VLA sport plane which will be used as touring plane, but will be also popular by fisherman and hunters. In the serial production their will be a Rotax and Sauer motors build in, but we are also looking for diesel motor solution.

One of the aircraft’s special part is the return parachute which when open brings down the passengers and the plane down to safety. Another spacial part of the plane is the propeller which provides you with high speed travel on low gas, steep rise or steering out of the berth. The planes most admirable part is its voluntarily increased size of the wings which by any mechanical problems can used as a floating mode which can carry you down safely to the ground or water!! The plane will be hooked up with the most modern electronics.
The IDEA AirCraft Co. engineers first and most important goal was to provide the biggest safety for the passengers.

At the development it was also thought of easy transport. With a special trailer you can put the body in it and place the easily detachable wings next to it, so with small procedure you can take your HydroPteron as easily as you would take your motorboat.
All which we can say that at vacation it will make a big appearance!
In 2008 summer a new creative management speeded up the HydroPteron’s birthday. The first flight of the aircraft will be in 2009 spring.